By: Alexa Orbin, Secondary Education/English dual major, Gumberg Humanities Library Intern

I am extremely grateful for the experience I have gained working as an intern with Ted Bergfelt in the Gumberg Humanities Library. This opportunity allowed me to learn an entirely new skillset while making research guides under Mr. Ted Bergfelt’s supervision. At the beginning of the semester, I was making research guides based on outlines provided by Ted Bergfelt. By the end of the semester, I was able to create my own research guide, focusing on an area of my choosing, entirely by myself. Creating my own research guide allowed me to reflect on how many new skills I gained through this internship. I not only learned how to use the Lib Guides program, but I also learned to navigate the Gumberg Library’s extensive online catalogue and various other databases such as GALE, ERIC, and ProQuest. I am grateful for the new skills that I have learned working as the Gumberg Humanities Library intern. As I am finishing my last semester taking classes at Duquesne before beginning student teaching, I am happy that I was able to create research guides that will be used by future Duquesne students. This internship opportunity allowed me to create meaningful learning resources that can be used after my time at Duquesne has come to an end. As a future educator, I find resources like research guides to be extremely valuable. Many students feel discouraged by the research process and do not know where to begin when they are researching. Research guides make the research process extremely easy, as they lay out relevant search results, journal articles, books, and other resources that researchers may be looking for. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Bergfelt in the Gumberg Humanities Library and create research guides this semester!


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