Wrapping Up- by Mia Hess

This time of year can be both exhilarating and stressful for college students. Home for Thanksgiving with family, catching up on sleep, preparing for the finals that await them for when they return. Being home with family can be stressful in itself. Though it can be nice to distract oneself with homework from stressful families, it can’t keep a student distracted forever. I hope that we can learn bow to balance a healthy mental state with learning, especially in stressful environments.

I also hope that the skills that I have learned in this internship will carry over into my career. Since learning more about memos, resume writing, and cover letters, I have learned more about professional language and etiquette that will help me in applying for jobs in my desired field. I have this bad habit of forgetting important material in classes after a period of time (especially after exams) but I think implementing these practices repeatedly after this internship will help me remember key factors in professionalism.


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