The Importance fo Organization and Time Management

by Mia Hess

Now that we have recently fallen back an hour of time for daylight savings, that extra hour of sleep should be able to help fuel us for our busy days. Most of us students have internships to write and work for, have field hours to observe, exams to study for, papers to write, etc. It can be overwhelming for a college student (during a pandemic, especially) to try to keep track of everything in their lives, not only for their academic life, but also their personal and social lives.

So how do we stay organized and keep our time managed? I always carry around my personal calendar that has room enough for a monthly and weekly schedule, as well as room for additional notes and “to-do’s”. I write big, general events and due dates in the monthly calendar, and weekly I write all of my appointments, classes, any assignments that are due for that day, work schedule, and social events. I always write in my to-do what assignments I have to complete for the week or prepare for the next week. I try to keep an open mind when completing assignments, making sure to put my mental health first. Procrastination or anxiety can be your worst enemies when completing work and meeting important due dates, but keeping a healthy mental state can help one overcome these obstacles. I also try to balance my academic life and my social life range from 60/40 to 75/25 depending on the school week ahead of me. In the mental hierarchy of a student’s life, it should be mental health at the top, then personal life (which ties into mental health pretty well), then academics right below, and social life at the bottom (which can also tie in to mental health). All of these can tie in with mental health, and the only way we can be successful in our academic lives is if we keep a safe mental health state. It should be of utmost importance in everyone’s lives.


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