Passion and Voice in Writing

Brianna McDonagh ’22 / D.U. Quark

Reading the first article from my internship, I did not “hear” my voice in the piece. I felt that writing pieces concerning science had to be professionally written, excluding my voice. However, without much voice in it, the articles seemed dull. Thus, teaching me the importance of being creative while sharing ideas with the public. 

I have taken some time before submitting the second article to read past pieces on the D.U. Quark. The articles vary, but all contained voice and humor while communicating scientific ideas. So, learning from past peers, I tried to express my research in a more informal way than before. Tying the article was easier, allowing me to add my voice and be more passionate about the subject. 

Understanding this helped me write not only my second article but completing my third article. Finding my groove in research, interacting with students in the surveys, and preparing these articles have become enjoyable. Creating a voice through my work formulates an outlet for my passion to pour into. Furthermore, this changes the way I can contribute my ideas and passions to the world.

After this semester, I would like to continue the podcast I am planning on doing for the final project. Having this creative outlet for me to discuss a passion of mine, from a college student’s perspective, will not only make it fun but relatable too. Learning from the internship this past semester will help me find a way to connect with my audience and produce content that showcases my passions to help people become the best they can be.


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