Creating a Resource for Education

By: Alexa Orbin, Gumberg Library Humanities Intern, Secondary Education and English dual major

Last week I began thinking about a research guide that I will be creating entirely on my own. When I first began my internship at the beginning of the semester, Mr. Bergfelt let me know that I would be ending the semester by creating my own research guide. When I was discussing this project with Mr. Bergfelt, it came to our attention that there are no research guides focused on educational theory. Because I am majoring in both English and Secondary Education, I wanted to create a research guide that would incorporate both of my majors. I will be focusing my research guide on educational theorists and how their theories can be applied to current Secondary English classrooms.

I am very excited to create this research guide because it will (hopefully) be a helpful resource for education students in the future. Mr. Bergfelt’s research guides are very helpful for students as they begin the research process on topics in the Humanities field. I am hopeful that my research guide will help students who are ready to begin researching educational theory. I would have benefitted from a research guide like this in my Educational Psychology classes. Hopefully future education students will be able to use this resource guide in their classes. As an education major, it is very important to me that my research guide is a helpful learning resource for others. I am excited to begin to create my own research guide and compile resources from the Gumberg Library!


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