Potholes and Paving the Way

Brianna McDonagh/ D.U. Quark 21′

Now that Duquesne students are past the halfway point in their fall semester, we have all hit rough patches in the road but figured out how to continue onto a smoother learning path. However, the beauty of journeying through college is learning that academic success is not always clean, clear, and smooth. There are going to be bumps and potholes along the way (especially in Pittsburgh)! 

In my internship so far, I have hit a few bumps such as creating something that would draw students’ attention, is relatable, and something interactable. Other bumps would be coming up with topic ideas, making sure that the content flows so readers can learn more about the topic. Additionally, how to incorporate data I receive from social media pollings and how to present it to the public. 

Every other day I sit in front of my computer, typing, hoping that it fits what my peers, instructors, and myself hope to see. Of course, I delete paragraphs the next time I look at the paper in dislike of what I see. I think, mainly, I have never written articles before, so I have to refrain from going too deep into the topic. 

However, since my first draft was submitted, going through peer review, and near-finishing my second article, I feel that some of the potholes have been paved and making the process of creating content easier than the first time around. I had an easier time creating questions, typing my first two paragraphs, and incorporating research into it as well. I do feel that my approach has improved since September, which is evolving me into a better writer.


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