Learning and Communicating

Brianna McDonagh ’22/D.U. Quark

The beauty of writing is the numerous ways of communicating information. In some classes, you may write in MLA format, ACS, or APA. Speaking for myself, I learned how to write in many styles and understood when it was appropriate to use it. Recently, I was conflicted. I was not sure what form to use when discussing my topic of research for the D.U. Quark. Sitting in front of my computer, pondering, should I write it informally or formally. 

Learning that you can write informally, even if it is science-related, is surprising. I was so bound to the idea that if it’s science, it has to be formal. Understanding and reading more about news article formats, made me realize how flexible writing can be. Revamping my article, I found it to become more clear and concise, where a student “on-the-go” can read it. 

Through this internship, I am learning more about how to write and manage time. I never took into full consideration the amount of thought placed into articles. The planning and coordination can be a lot of work. Placing thought in how to execute the next project takes time, and then how to put it into words. This made me think of individuals who work in journalism. I cannot imagine the amount of thought they place into each newspaper outline, what articles to put in for the issue, and how to complete them all in time for the next distribution. 

Recognizing something new for me to work on was exciting, knowing I have more growth as a student/writer. Furthermore, it makes you appreciate certain occupations that do not get credit.  


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