Professionalism in Interning- by Mia Hess

Many students have mixed feelings towards pursuing an internship in fear of the role taking too much of their time or energy. They also fear that the internship would not be able to help them pursue their future careers. So far, the McAnulty Internship for Duquesne has offered me many opportunities for future employment and guides the interns through the professional process. So far, the internship has allowed me to use search platforms to access different companies searching for people to accept jobs they offer that I am qualified for (or soon to be, since I will be graduating in May 2022). I have also been able to polish and boost my resume in hopes of attracting the attention of these job-seeking companies. I have also learned how to create a professional cover letter, which I have never previously learned how to do. Other internships work hard in showing their workers how to move up in the world and work towards their long-term goals, as I have with my internship through the English Department at Duquesne.


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