Writing being a Lifejacket to Careers

Brianna McDonagh (FA 21′, D.U. Quark)

I am sure we all had one point in our college career, or maybe in adult life, where we had to explain what we do or study. My favorite part about this is explaining what my track is. Although at times, it can be unclear and rough, I have a vision. My goal is to become a dentist. It is not something people are used to hearing; a dentist who was an English major in undergrad. I often wondered if it was because we did not offer dental courses, but it isn’t the case. The matter lies in the fact that not many individuals realize how English is the life persevere for many careers. 

Writing for the D.U. Quark, investigating dental hygiene on college campuses, made me realize a few items. One is when I was reading articles to supplement my article. I found that writing correctly, concisely, and in a manner where the public can understand is difficult. However, without the foundation of writing, understanding the need to write for many backgrounds takes a lot of practice. Another report would be assuming the normal. Through my research, I was able to talk to a professional herself. She was a history major before being a dentist. Being a liberal arts student during her undergraduate years, she had her share of English classes. Straying from her original vision, she found how English is a lifeline for numerous careers, and was able to share that with me.

I found reality in what she said to me. Without writing, we could not understand each line of work. No one would know what each professional’s goal or vision is, and how it benefits the community. So, who ever comes across this article, whatever you vision is keep at it. Every paper needs edited before it is published. It might take a while but it is worth it!


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