Making Learning Resources

By: Alexa Orbin / Gumberg Humanities Library Intern

I have been continuing my work on the “History Reference Works” research guide under the supervision of Ted Bergfelt from the Gumberg Humanities Library over the past few weeks. We have added several new reference works to the guide, all of which will make the guide an effective resource for students. We have also improved the aesthetics of the research guide, which now looks much more organized and concise. The research guide features a diverse range of reference works regarding the topic of “history”, all of which will be useful for students in a history class or anyone pursuing research on the topic. This week, I learned that the research guide will be used in one of Mr. Bergfelt’s presentations in a classroom at Duquesne. As a Secondary Education major, I am very excited to hear that the research guide I have been working on will be used as classroom resource. When I was compiling the different reference works that will be used on the guide, it became clear to me how time consuming the research process can be. The research guides are extremely useful because they make the research process much more efficient. Students at Duquesne, or anywhere, that refer to one of Mr. Bergfelt’s research guides will be able to complete their research much more efficiently. I feel as though my work on the “History Reference Works” research guide will help researchers as they begin the research process. I am hopeful that the research guide will be useful for students at Duquesne after Mr. Bergfelt’s presentation.


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