Fall: The Continuation (of Professionalism)- by Mia Hess

With the change of seasons brings in a different atmosphere that all students have to adjust to. Being fully immersed into the academic lifestyle (again) and getting back into the swing of things after summer ends, the libraries and study areas are full of busy students. Working together helps us get through the stressful times of midterms, and I think that having collaboration and communication skills are very important to have, especially in a professional setting. Without communication skills, how will I be able to tell parents how to better support the children I will be teaching in the classroom? These skills are vital in most careers, especially those that involve working with outside sources and influences. For my internship, working with my fellow interns on projects such as the alumni list and the alumni newsletter wouldn’t be possible if we were to complete these tasks without communication. Being able to work its a team is just as important has having the skills to make yourself a good and inspirational leader. We have to set good examples for ourselves and work with others so we can help each other in our long-term goals and gaining important skills that can help us in our future careers.


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