Entering an Internship: Evolving, Shaping, and Learning

By Brianna McDonagh, English Major / D.U. Quark Intern

Entering a professional phase outside of the Duquesne University lecture halls has allowed me to exercise disciplinary knowledge I have acquired over the past three (almost four) years. Some of this knowledge has resulted in my ability to organize my writing for the D.U Quark by preparing my topic and gathering proper information. Thus far, in my internship, I have thought about what I wish to write about. As a Duquesne student, knowing that our vocational work includes our responsibility to be servants of the community, I understand that spreading awareness about health is important. So, with my writing skills, and my passion to become a dentist, I will focus on exactly that – spreading awareness about oral care on campus and how vital oral care is for the Duquesne University community. 

It is easy to say that this internship is changing the way I think about myself as a student. I understand there is so much that goes into research and there is always room for improvement in how I process my research and my ideas into a formal written format. As a citizen, I feel that being a writer for an organization is so important, because I am the voice that people listen to on paper. Essentially, I am trying to help people change their lifestyles, think differently, or gain more knowledge about a topic. My writing is changing with the work I am doing by performing my own research, understanding how to interview, and doing polls to reach out to my audience.


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