The Academic Life of Internships as an Education Major

By Mia Hess, Secondary Ed English Major / McAnulty Academic Internship

At the start of my internship, I was given a list of various tasks to complete, both weekly and goals set for the end of the internship (the end of the semester). Some of this work includes writing blogs, sorting through alumni data, recruiting students to pursue English degrees, announcing events for the English department, Writing Center, and Theater department of Duquesne, as well as contributing and creating a newsletter for Duquesne Alumni. Using my disciplinary knowledge, I will be able to complete these tasks in a timely, professional manner. Through learning writing skills as an English Education major, this knowledge can be utilized in the blogs and the newsletters. Through learning about time management in organizing lesson plans and activities in the future classroom, these time management skills can be used in organizing alumni events, organizing different Duquesne departments’ events, and assembling announcements and documents for English department recruitment. The skills and knowledge earned in the education field can be fully applied in this internship in order to excel in the various tasks at hand.


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