Approaching the Finish Line

By Maria Sosso, English Major / Gumberg Library Intern

Graduation is about a month away, a prospect that is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying to me. I’m sure that my fellow interns are feeling the time crunch as we wind down the days of our undergraduate experiences. Personally, I was never more grateful to be in the liberal arts college than I was when I learned that the McAnulty College was one of the schools selected for an in-person ceremony. The fact that my parents will actually be able to see the culmination of my four years of hard work down at PPG Paints Arena is such a blessing. It’s hard not to be hopeful when more and more people are being vaccinated every day. (I have already received the first dose of the vaccine and I’ll be fully vaccinated by April 17th!) I’ve been thoroughly plumbing the depths of Handshake for internship opportunities for the summer and fall. It’s a little tough to find the perfect position, considering many appealing jobs require years of field experience that I simply don’t have as a soon-to-be college graduate. The complaint from employers about how hard it is to find skilled workers these days is particularly funny to hear because these are the same places that refuse to do on the job training. As I have learned in my two internships throughout the course of this year, mentorship is something that can be fundamental to the success of an individual, regardless of the job. As it stands right now, I’ll just keep sending in resumes, hoping, and playing the waiting game.  


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