Getting the Creative Juices Flowing

By Maria Sosso, English Major / Gumberg Library Intern

I can’t believe that it’s around the midway mark of this internship course! Time flies when you’re having fun, huh? The prospect of getting to create my own LibGuide is closer than ever. I’m so excited to dive and be able to provide students with a resource for a topic I really care about and am interested in. I’ve been workshopping ideas this past week with my vocational internship supervisor, Mr. Ted Bergfelt, and I couldn’t be more enthused about the potential guides I’ve thought up so far. I hope that the guide that I will create will be useful to students. One of my main goals is to make researching for a class or paper a much smoother experience. LibGuides are a perfect way to take the plunge on a topic without having to scour the whole internet for what seems like an eternity. As much as I enjoy replacing the broken links in the catalog here at Gumberg, the fact that I am able to flex my creative muscles within the LibGuides is something I welcome with open arms. Along with the opportunity to create a very special LibGuide of my own, I am also going to be revamping the image of some existing LibGuides. It’s nice to be able to give old guides some much needed facelifts. I’m just happy to get to put all of the guides in tip-top shape. These new and improved LibGuides are not just going to be functional, they are going to be aesthetically pleasing and accessible in more ways than one.


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