In the Swing of Things

By Maria Sosso, English Major / Gumberg Library Intern

Time is going by so quickly! I cannot believe that it’s going to be March next week. I feel like I have settled into a pretty comfortable routine with school and my vocational work with the library. Still, it’s hard sometimes to think about how many things would be different this semester without a pandemic to deal with. My phone is unhelpfully providing me with pictures and videos of things I was doing at this time last year, namely having fun abroad in Italy with my friends. Seeing my snapchat memories makes me long for human interaction outside of the confines of zoom. However, it does make me grateful for the fact that I got to have so many great opportunities in the first place.

Speaking of great opportunities, my vocational work has come in handy more than once in the recent days. While in conversation with one of my best friends, she name dropped Avicenna as a reference for her writing. Luckily, the night prior to this conversation I had been working on fixing the links for Islamic philosophy. It was kind of funny to have that a-ha moment where I realized that I knew the person that she was mentioning. Last week in class, I also contributed to a discussion with my insights on Shirley Jackson, a writer I really admire. I had read some pieces of her in my high school and college careers, namely “The Lottery.” I also added some more secondary sources about her life to my reading list back when I was working on fixing the links for American Women Writers. Something tells me that I’m going to come out of this internship with a lot more books on my reading list!


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