Falling Into Place

By Claire Neiberg, English Major / ARYSE Intern

My internship finally feels like it’s falling into place. At first, there were a lot of wheels turning and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now I am more into a routine practice. 

My official title is the PRYSE Academy Curriculum Committee Coordinator. PRYSE Academy is ARYSE’s summer camp that runs from late-June through July. I don’t know too much about it, but I’ve been reading up on it, and it sounds like it is so much fun! With the pandemic, they were entirely virtual last year, but from the social media posts, it was clear that the kids involved had a wonderful time.

My role in planning for the camp is being part of a committee that designs curriculum for the kids to work on during the camp. I haven’t done too much in terms of “curriculum design,” but with my School of Education experience and passion for working with youth, I am confident I’ll be able to figure it out. 

I also attended the high school after school program this past week and really enjoyed it. Working at the Writing Center, I naturally love to help people with their homework and writing assignments. This was an especially great first day for me because the student I was helping had an assignment on August Wilson’s Fences, one of my favorite plays that I know well. 

I have also still been attending the virtual soccer program for middle schoolers which is always fun. The kids are so energetic, and it makes me happy to see them excited to chat with each other and practice their soccer drills. In fact, I have that program today, so I know to expect a fun-filled afternoon!


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