The Last-Minute Scramble

By Nicolas Lucente, Multiplatform Journalism, D.U. Quark Intern

As a second-semester senior, I was and still am looking forward to ending my college career with a bang. You know, get my work done and prepare for my future, but also have as much fun as possible. Driving back to Pittsburgh from Connecticut back in January was an exciting thing for me. Not because the drive is fun or anything, but because I knew that all of my other second-semester senior friends would feel the same way about this semester. After about eight hours, I get to Pittsburgh. I check my email a couple of days later to find that my playwriting class had been cancelled. “No biggie, I’ll find another class,” I thought to myself, but it was not so simple. Turns out, all of the creative writing classes were full. Which wouldn’t have been such a big deal if it were not for the fact that I have a minor in creative writing and I need one more course to graduate. 

Of course, I spiraled into a panic. “How am I going to graduate on time?” was the question rattling around in my head. I started contacting my advisor, my mentor, and other faculty members I knew, just looking for a way to get credits that would apply to my minor. Then, I was introduced to D.U. Quark and its internship opportunity. Talk about a weight lifted from my shoulders. I was really starting to think I was going to have to take a class over the summer or something to make sure I got my degree, but then this internship opportunity came out of nowhere.

I’ll admit, I am not much a science person. I’m a multiplatform journalism major with a creative writing minor, so science is not so much in my wheelhouse. However, I am looking forward to diving into science fiction concepts and theories through my work at the Quark. And while I say I’m not much of science person, I still appreciate science; especially science fiction. When it comes to science fiction, I’m a huge nerd. Mostly with science fiction movies, but some of the science that supports science fiction just baffles me. Honestly, I think this internship will encourage me to write some pretty neat stuff and I’m kind of hype to see what I produce. 


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