My Internship and Changing Visions of Myself as a Student

By: Kelly Donovan (Social Media Intern for ENGL Dept) blog #2

As a double major in Political Science and English, I cannot deny that a large chunk of my time is spent conducting research and writing papers. I started off solely as a political science major and found myself spending most of my time writing fact-based papers. Since I am on track to start law school this upcoming fall, this is something that has never bothered me. I am currently enrolled in a course called “Legal Research and Writing”, and we are constantly being asked to apply the law to the facts of a case. When we are asked to produce documents such as legal memorandums, they emphasize the importance of using plain and clear language, and only recording what we definitely know. This internship has allowed me to change the way I think about myself as a student and a writer because it has reminded me that it is possible to write across a variety of genres and the importance of being able to do so. Although the fact-based writing will be very important in my future career, this internship has showed me the importance of creative writing in daily life. This internship has given me the opportunity to create various social media posts for the English department. I find myself constantly asking myself “how can I make my captions stand out to other students?” or “how will I keep my readers interested?”. In today’s society, a lot of important information is relayed through social media and the internet, so I’ve come to appreciate the way creative writing can impact people’s daily lives. This internship has showed me the importance of recognizing who your audience is and crafting your writing based on these demographics. It has also allowed me to recognize that although I am pursuing a career in law, I am a student that wants to learn about various genres of writing and how they can still be useful. I think this is why I picked up a double major with English in the first place. I immediately enrolled in a course called “Fiction Workshop”, and it soon became one of my favorite college courses. I have really appreciated the work I am doing with this internship and the ways it has allowed me to reflect on myself as a student.


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