Thank God that people were really disinterested in playwriting.

By Paul Martorelli, English and Multimedia Journalism Major, D.U. Quark Intern

Originally, I was supposed to be reading and writing plays right about now. The plan was to take Playwriting Workshop, but that all changed a week before the semester started. There is no greater bedlam for a college senior than having a required class cancelled a mere seven days before the start of the final stretch. It is the same type of rush that one experiences three hours into a 400 mile drive, realizing that they left the keys to their apartment back at their parents’ house. Though I live for that type of disfunction, it was a relief to find the spare key that is my internship at the D.U. Quark.

Before I found my passion for writing and content creation, I wanted to be a chemist. Or an astronomer. A physicist? Maybe even a biologist. In the misty confusion that is trying to decide your college major while still in high school, I knew I wanted to be a scientist. Whatever subject I was required to take throughout all the science classes in my life, I loved. There is a sweet simplicity to the subject. Hydrogen will always be Hydrogen; a femur will always be a femur. No matter what, Ohm’s law will always be V=IR. There is something noble, almost romantic, about trying to discover the fundamental truths of the universe, whether it be the makeup of the cells in our bodies or stars in distant solar systems.

Ultimately, as you might have surmised from my bio, I did not choose to become a scientist. I am quite content in learning the universal truths instead of discovering them for myself, but there will always be a part of me that wished I had become a chemist. Or an astronomer. A physicist? Maybe even a biologist. So even though the plan was not initially to be an intern for the D.U. Quark, I am very glad that somehow I have made my way back to the wonderful world of science in my own terms.

The work I’m doing for this internship truly is an amalgamation of my passions. The columns I have planned for the Quark use the many journalistic skills I’ve learned throughout my time at Duquesne, what I have planned to write is no different than what I would write for a newspaper. The Quarky podcast is a way for me to write off reading scientific articles while allowing me to flex my sound design muscles. The work is piling up now in week two of this internship, but I have found this work to be a blessing. It is not often that we get to do work that we find interesting or fulfilling, for some folks meaningful work is a Holy Grail never to be attained yet always searched for, so it is not lost on me just how lucky I am to be doing something that I find thoroughly enjoyable.

Thank God that people were really disinterested in playwriting.


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