Learning to be a Student, Again

By Olivia Stumpo, ACH Clear Pathways/Community Writing Center Intern

To say the least, COVID learning has not been easy. Rather than being in a classroom with a ton of friendly faces, I’m lost in a sea of black zoom icons and emails. As a student, I find this disheartening. I’m the type of student that thrives on classroom relationships. Knowing my professors and classmates is part of the learning experience. Without this rapport, school feels like an information factory and has lost all its joy. To combat this isolation, I reach out to friends in my classes, and we discuss our notes and projects. Every so often, a trip to campus helps too. It serves as a reminder of why I should keep working hard. 

In this time I have had to learn different ways to stay motivated and on-task. Building a daily schedule has kept my homework and due dates in order. Without other obligations to work around, I started to fall behind in my school work. So, I used Google Calendar, which sends me reminders for important dates, events, and tasks. Now, with an organized daily routine, I have stayed current with my work. Another tactic that has helped me is adding exercise to my study time. Every 45 minutes or so while reading or working, I take a yoga break to stretch my legs and back, and to clear my head. I recommend yoga moves that require good balance; it is rather difficult to focus on anything but falling over. 

I have not had the best time being a student in the past year, but I can say that I’m a better student because of COVID. I’ve realized the importance of community in education, as well as taken control of my own learning. I hope to continue to grow from virtual learning so that I have more knowledge and skills to pass on to my own students one day.


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