A Virtual Goodbye for Round Two

By Michael Pernice, Secondary Education of English, English Literature, & Computer Systems Technology, The Education Partnership Social Media & Marketing Intern

As the cases of COVID-19 begin to rise and the semester comes to a close, so does my internship at The Education Partnership (TEP). This internship experience present unique experiences and challenges along the way. As I sit here, typing out this blog post, I am finishing up my last project for TEP. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Director Josh Whiteside and the rest of the TEP staff especially my supervisor, Kiki.

The last project that I am working on is for TEP’s STEAM Lending Library. I have been tasked with creating three to five minute instructional videos for each of the STEAM kits we offer. The videos will then be uploaded to TEP’s YouTube channel to be used as a marketing tool for the program. I will then embed the specialized links to their corresponding picture on TEP’s website. Since, our office is shut down due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, I had to go and pick up all of the remaining kits last week.

This internship will definitely be a memorable for sure, not only because of the role that COVID-19 played but, for the interesting and tailored projects that I have been tasked with. This opportunity has allowed be to grow and connect with some of Pittsburgh’s best and brightest individuals and companies. It has also shed a light on some career avenues that I may want to consider upon graduation.


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