Time for Turkey & A Nap

Emily Kizina / Senior English Major / Gumberg Library Intern

The week of Thanksgiving is already among us, and I can’t believe that I’m wrapping up the last fall semester of my undergraduate career. Coronavirus has taken a toll on my previous year as a Duquesne student. Still, I feel like this internship has been the most normal that I’ve had in months. This internship was perfect for me because of my love for the library. Still, I also believe that it really helped give me direction with what I want to do and where I want to go with my career after I’m done with school. Being able to still have the opportunity to work in person was so lovely for me because personally, I learn the best when I’m doing hands-on. Having the ease of knowing I could walk right down the hall to Ted’s office with any questions I had was so beneficial to my learning process. Ted is not only a great librarian but a phenomenal teacher as well. He made sure that I knew the ins and outs of creating a library guide and encouraged my ideas. I personally don’t think my library guide could have turned out better. It is entirely made out of pure fascination and admiration for the theater community and the writers laying out these radical new ideas to audiences. I hope students out there who love theater just as much as I can find some use from this resource. Overall this experience has been so educational and beneficial. I could not have asked for a better end to my last fall semester at Duq.


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