An Ending Full of New Beginnings

By Shannon Jackson, Organizational Leadership, Kelevra Ideas Intern

This semester certainly flew by. Although the background stress of living among a pandemic did not make things easier, this internship did help contribute to keeping me busy and distracted with stressful times looming over. I have been attending some online career events recently, and it is interesting to see how companies are incorporating COVID protocols and more racial justice awareness, such as having set times of the day to talk about those issues. It is nice to see the workforce shining light on problems that could be affecting their employees instead of brushing it under the rug. 

This week I’m going to take a dive into completing my formal report. It will be exciting to take a look over everything I have accomplished with my time interning with Kelevra. With this week being Thanksgiving, one thing I am thankful for is the opportunity they gave me to take a first look into a career I recently switched into 🙂 I was nervous going into it, but they were very helpful with guiding me and helping me accomplish goals. This internship also kept me motivated to learn more about medical writing and what it takes to be successful in that career field. This may be the end of this internship, but it definitely helped give me the push into the world of medical writing. 


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