The Writing Center

By Claire Neiberg, English Major / D.U. Quark Intern

Last week, I put out my second monthly newsletter for The Quark. This was an idea from either Meredith or Dr. K. that has quickly turned into my favorite new project for the semester.

Something that I made sure to mention in October’s newsletter was the Writing Center. I started working at the Writing Center this semester and one of my co-workers is Meredith. We were Zooming one day to talk about The Quark, and she gave me the idea to promote the Writing Center in the next newsletter because she is the Scientific Writing Consultant.

Here position is unique to the Writing Center, as most of the consultants are English majors like myself. After a client mistook my “Political Science” title for “SCIENCE science” I realized how important it is that the Writing Center has someone who is well-versed in scientific writing. While I can help clients with any assignment, I definitely do not think I am the person to give advice on biology and chemistry labs. To refer back to my very first blog post, my last and final sincere project was on soft-boiled eggs… as an eighth grader.

Working at the Writing Center has also greatly helped me with my internship as well as all of my other classes and responsibilities. For starters, having an in-person job has made me better with time-management. It gives me a reason to get out of my dorm room, and if I don’t have clients, I find the Center to be a distraction-free place to get work done.

I also get to be around writing all the time, and this is my favorite part. Every day, I get to go into work and help people get better at what I love most in life: Writing. I also have gotten better at being attentive to small details and local errors which has been helpful in producing work for my internship that is public on social media.


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