Eager For More

By Shannon Jackson, Organizational Leadership, Kelevra Ideas Intern

I initially chose to intern at Kelevra Ideas with the hope of getting my feet wet in an industry I recently learned about. I saw them as my gateway or key to unlocking the door to what my future career in medical writing would hold. I am glad to say that I picked a company that was eager to help me see what the field of medical communications held as well. I am able to benefit from having tasks that have so much variety to them, which also keeps it exciting. They have given me tasks from pharmaceutical law and policy to calculating the dosing of medications. I’ve talked more in-depth about my projects and tasks in previous posts, but looking back at it as a whole I see how many different aspects there are to medical writing. This helps me to see the different avenues medical writing can take depending on the department and company.

Being actively involved in this career as an intern is helping to keep me motivated to stay active with job searches and seeing what is out there. This internship is really helping me pinpoint what I enjoy doing and thinking about areas that I am not as interested in. I am looking at this internship like training for a marathon. The more I train, the more eager I am to run the race knowing that I am fueling myself up to be the best runner I can possibly be. Here’s to the last remaining weeks of my internship!


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