Developing a Social Media Calendar Plan via Later

By Michael Pernice, Secondary Education of English, English Literature, & Computer Systems Technology, The Education Partnership Social Media & Marketing Intern

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been discussing the several other task I have successfully accomplished during, my internship at The Education Partnership. One of the collaborative task myself and TEP’s other Social Media & Marketing Intern, Maddie, have been working on is the development of a new social media marketing strategy. The goal of this new strategy was to increase these two crucial areas of a social media analytics, followers and engagement. The end result being, this would generate a raise in personal donations to TEP.

Maddie and I created a Google Doc together to help facilitate our ideas for the new calendar plan. The first issue we needed to address was, the number of post per week the account would be generating. Maddie and I decided that 2-3 post per week along with, at least 2 story post a week would generate the results we were looking for. The next step in developing this plan was the corresponding themes and their appropriate hashtag(s). We developed a total of 5 themes for the post and 1 for the story. I then suggested that we should implement an alternating weeks method to hit our post goal on a consistent basis.

The new social media strategy was implemented on November 1st, 2020. My partner and I anxiously await the results of strategy at our 1 month check-in meeting! Using Later allows Maddie and I to effectively schedule our post during, a specific time span dependent on the gathered analytics of TEP’s Instagram & Facebook profile(s). TEP’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked, allowing the same content to be posted on both accounts simultaneously. Please refer to the pictures for a visual representation of this project.


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