End of the Semester Spooks

Emily Kizina/ Senior English Major/ Gumberg Library Intern

As Halloween creeps upon us this weekend, I find that the only thing scaring me is the end of the semester. This time of the semester, when loads of projects and papers fall ferociously into our laps, weighing us to our desks and leaving no time for personal pleasures. Okay, maybe I’m dramatic, but this time of year is hectic for us students, and I know that I am feeling the pressures of the end of the semester. My internship continues to be a form of escapism from my regular school duties because I’m building something that is interesting to me and doesn’t necessarily feel like work. After almost a month of building and shaping my guide, Ted and I will be putting the final touches on it tomorrow, and then it will be ready for the public eye! Finishing this is so exciting and humbling because the topic is something that I’ve grown to become passionate about. Knowing how many people out there love theater just as much as I do gives me hope that it will be of fair use to others and possibly help them with future research. After I finish with my guide, I’m assisting Ted with another guide that we are redoing from scratch on Native Americans. This guide is going to showcase all of the information that the library has on Native Americans. It then breaks down into specific tribes, which also showcases all of the library’s information.
Last week the guide about Voting and Elections Guide for the Curriculum was finished and published. This guide was so fun to make, and it was also interesting because I didn’t realize how many children’s books there were out there that break down the voting process so that children can understand. These books are also teaching young minds the importance of voting and what it means to exercise your rights. I linked the guide at the bottom of the page. The next couple of weeks will be a whirlwind of assignments, but in the meantime, I’m going to begin thinking about my final project for this internship.
I’m looking forward to finding a creative way to share my research process with others and reflecting on everything that I’ve learned this semester.



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