Assignments Falling from the Sky

By Nicole Haase, Forensic Science & Law Major, D.U. Quark Intern

As the semester progresses, it has become increasingly stressful and busy. I have found it extremely difficult to find the motivation for schoolwork, and I oftentimes find myself stressing about assignments that I keep putting off until they absolutely have to get done. As stressful as this year has been, it is flying by. I can’t believe that in a week from now, it will already be November. I don’t know how that happened.

With this HyFlex learning style, you would think it would be so much easier to attend class. Which it is, but it is also that much more difficult to pay attention. There are so many more distractions around when I join a class from my room, than there is if I just go in person. And yet, I find it very difficult to even find the motivation to go in person when it is my scheduled day.

Also, due to COVID-19, my labs only meet once a week in person, instead of twice. It is nice to get a break, but definitely more difficult to learn through assignments and not hands-on. I feel like professors have responded to online learning by adding more assignments to their courses, which make it difficult to focus on learning when there’s always a new assignment to work on. This semester has been a lot of submitting assignments, whereas before this pandemic most classes were just showing up for lecture and studying for exams. It has definitely been a change of pace, but I think I’m finally getting used to it.

However, I find it more difficult to set aside time for my internship work, since my writing does not have a set due date. I try and set my own due dates to meet, to keep myself on track, but it is challenging to stick to.


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