Positivity, Pictures, & Priorities

By Claire Neiberg, English Major / D.U. Quark Intern

I am quite pleased that the start of this blog post is much more positive than the last. These past two weeks have been crazy fun but they have also been crazy productive, concurrently.

First, I am relieved that the three goals I wanted to fulfill between my last blog post and now have been fulfilled. 

The Quark newsletter was a great idea, and it was so much fun to design. It is actually one of my favorite Canva pieces I have made, and I hope it inspires people to read our journal and join our staff. I am also happy with how the board member shoutouts came out. I think they’re better than last year’s because I made the designs fairly uniform but had everyone write their descriptions which made them more personal instead of vice versa.

While I still haven’t received any submissions for the cover photo contact, I am going to work on that more this week, as I know everyone has been up to their chest in midterm work (I know I have). I might even reach out to some of my group chats with an encouraging message that makes it clear that the pictures don’t even need to be “science-y” they just need to have some connection to the natural world.

To sum up this post and my current feelings on #pandemiclife, I think this year is all about finding a balance but not beating myself up when I spend more time hanging out with friends in a given day than going schoolwork. I’ve never not gotten something done and being back at school and talking to friends from home that didn’t get to go back to their colleges has made me realize how having a thriving social life carries great importance in the college experience and should be a priority as well. 


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