A Renaissance Man?

By Michael Pernice, Secondary Education of English, English Literature, & Computer Systems Technology, The Education Partnership Social Media & Marketing Intern

The Education Partnership (TEP) has provided me with an opportunity to dive deep into my tool box by, assigning projects that allow me explore interests and challenge my skill set. The phrase, “Renaissance Man”, was coined by  Leon Battista Alberti during the Renaissance era in Italy. The phrase is centered around the belief that man is the center of the universe therefore, should strive to collect knowledge and develop skills that are applicable to all facets of life.

Although, I am technically the Social Media and Marketing Intern at TEP, this has not meant that, my variety of skills have been handcuffed rather, they have been encouraged. I recently completed a coding project for TEP that took about 100 hours to complete. The premise of the project was to develop an interactive donation experience that would create a more fun, user friendly, and informational experience for the person(s) donating to TEP. I have a pretty basic understanding of coding languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS but, this project required me to hit the books (YouTube) to sharpen and equip myself with the tools necessary to complete the task at hand.

The web page split into two sections, left and right, using an 80% to 20% ratio. The right side of the page has the organizations logo embedded in the background to the left of the products so that it is fully visible and will not interfere in the guest ability to interact with products with are situated in a grid style setup, to the right of the logo. Each product contains a description and is assigned a price. Users are prompted to click, drag, and drop the item to the right-hand of the screen which, is designed a different color to make the drop off location clear. Once the item is dropped into this area of the screen, the code is written to then generate the information into an itemize list. This list is interactive and allows the user to increase, decrease, or remove the products within the list . This function prohibits the user from having to drag and drop a pencil in 100 times if they wanted to donate an amount equivalent to a 100 pencils. Once this project is live on their site I will provide a link in this blog for you all to check out!


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