Hoarding My Old Schoolwork Paid Off

By Shannon Jackson, Organizational Leadership, Kelevra Ideas Intern

The same questions constantly run through my mind at the end of every semester. I always ask myself if certain notes and papers are worth keeping. Sometimes it is hard to decipher what I will need to refer back to in the future, or if I am bombarding my file cabinet and computer files with information that makes it overwhelming to look at. Over the years I learned that with many of the courses that I have taken, it definitely came in handy to have old notes to refer back to even with moving forward to other courses. A lot of material has overlapped and built upon itself, and it is always nice to know if I need a quick reference, it is there. One thing I did not think about was how much I would need my old notes during this internship and potentially a future job. For me, it is paying off to keep my old paper and files on reserve. 

A few of my recent tasks during my internship led me to have to recall information I learned a couple of years back. That information was not as fresh in my mind as I would have liked. Having my handy dandy filing cabinet that I did not think I would ever open moving forward, served to be very helpful. I never know what kinds of questions I will be asked about medications, procedures, or dosing; so having everything organized in files has proved that the time I took to organize it was beneficial. I had to refer back to notes regarding pharmaceutical law questions, look at practice questions from pharmacy calculations about writing out the math steps for dosing, and read up on class notes from public health about susceptibility and incidence rates. Moving forward, I am going to think twice and then twice again about whether or not I should save certain notes. 


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