Learning How to be a Virtual Intern

By Shannon Jackson, Organizational Leadership, Kelevra Ideas Intern

Having to navigate an internship virtually is not always the most ideal when you want to learn from others in real-time. I have sometimes found myself a bit frustrated not being able to sit directly by someone and learn from them. There are also things that I would like to see firsthand; like the process of getting the medical information before it is then presented to me to complete, then the steps afterward; like it being laid out graphically and finished. But I am learning that virtual interning does have its perks. I am especially aware of how thorough I am being when typing out statements, questions, and answers. Since I am not communicating with someone face to face, I need to make sure my questions are clear and concise via phone call or email. 

The past few weeks have been very productive with my internship. I am constantly being presented with a new project and learning about what the medical writer deals within their line of work. Every task is very different, and it is exciting for me to be able to learn about new things while also using my pharmacy and medical knowledge. Each question allows me to pull information that I learned in multiple different classes throughout the years. I was able to use skills from various pharmaceutical calculations courses to calculate medication dosing that can be used for a sales representative as one of their selling points. I then used learning points from a drug literature course to help me compare clinical trial information. For me, being able to use various skills that I gained from pharmacy courses is rewarding to be able to use them as a writing intern.


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