Interning in the Age of COVID-19

By Nicole Haase, Forensic Science & Law Major, D.U. Quark Intern

I read a few recent blog posts before writing this, and they were all written by English majors. I, however, am a forensic science student. You might be wondering why a forensics student would have an English internship, but English can be helpful for an abundance of different subjects. My internship with the D.U. Quark focuses on writing in the scientific community. My interest was first peaked when I took a science writing course last year. My hopes and goals for this semester with the D.U. Quark is to improve my writing skills. I’ve found that writing is a big portion of my classes, and this internship is a great opportunity to get better. Having this internship forces me to set aside time to spend on writing and researching, which will help me down the road. I have scientific writing experience, but I definitely still have plenty of room for growth and improvement in my writing.

I greatly appreciate this internship opportunity, but I am curious how different it would be in a pre-COVID world. To be honest, having meetings on zoom can be convenient, but it is difficult to adapt to this new normal. However, I do believe people have begun to get used to online meetings and classes. In general, many internship experiences look different this year, but that’s okay. I think everyone is trying their best to make things as close to normal as possible, given the state of the world right now. All anyone can really do is try their best, and hope that things will get back to normal soon.


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