A Stimulating Start to the Semester

Emily Kizina / English Writing Major and Gumberg Library Intern

When I started college, I never pictured that I would change my major three times, ending up as an English writing major, something that I’ve grown to become very passionate about in the last few years. There’s something to say about landing this internship for myself. I started working at the library during my freshman year of college and Gumberg has since opened many doors for me in the last few years. This internship is just a continuum for my learning as well as for my love of the library. At the beginning of my Internship, I didn’t realize how interesting fixing LibGuide links would be. I was given a list of topics including but not limited to; Pittsburgh Poets, Remembering the Rwandan Genocide, Norse Mythology, and so on. A majority of the topics I’ve worked on have taken me down a few rabbit holes of enlightening information that I find so fascinating. In the past weeks, this internship has allowed me to dig deeper into a new layer of information that goes beyond what is given in class. I have learned more information on playwrights that I’m reading in my 20th-century drama class currently which is so helpful because it’s usually giving me more insight into the writer’s life, their other works, and theories people have made on their work. This position is not only making a better worker out of me, but a better researcher, and learner as well. I’m getting hands-on experience in a professional setting with people like Mr. Bergfelt, who enjoy the work they are doing, and this is very rewarding for me. Everyone I’ve met so far has been kind and it’s noticeable that all of the professionals working in the library are there because not only are they continued scholars, but they want the student body to succeed. wanting to make sure we have access to every resource imaginable, ensuring we’re expanding our knowledge to the fullest. Since this is my first blog post, it will be intriguing to see how much my writing shifts throughout the semester. I’m eager to become a better writer, and with how diverse this class is with the professional pieces we’ll I’ll be excited to see how my writing changes, hopefully giving me a more professional sound and a positive tone. 

I am grateful that although the university is undergoing the consequences of COVID-19, I am still able to meet in person for my internship. I even have my own cute little office, which is the perfect quiet space to focus in. Although it is weird having conversations and training through masked muffled conversations, it’s to keep everyone safe and my brain still absorbs the information all the same. I am thankful that I am still able to have my internship and get the hands-on experience because some students this semester aren’t as lucky. I’m very thrilled to be getting new opportunities on campus this semester especially during a pandemic. I know this adventure will help me long after I’ve graduated Duquesne.


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