The Quarantine Tales of a Graduating Senior

By Mikayla Gilmer, Secondary English Education Major & English Department Social Media Intern

College Undergraduates,

Last week I received an email from the University Registrar and Provost congratulating me on the approval of my graduation for May 2020. As a college freshman I watched a Buzzfeed in preparation for my years to come. The video was titled “College: Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year” and was uploaded September 11th, 2014. The video compares a student’s perspective on dating, class preparation, diet, Friday nights, etc. The video ends with both the freshman and senior at the end of their year saying the same thing: “I never want to leave”.

Today is the last day of classes and the end of my undergraduate career. To incoming freshman, current freshman, sophomores, and juniors—If I could just offer a bit of advice: don’t take a single thing for granted. Going to class might seem like a drag, but this is the last time you will get to experience education in a classroom setting. Hogan Dining Hall is actually a gem (you might only realize this once you move off campus and have to meal plan). And as a reminder, The Power Center is included in tuition. After this you’ll have to pay for gym services.

This is the time to join a club/organization, live on campus, wave to your friends on A-walk, make mistakes…Your undergrad is your time to do it, so make it happen!


To the next social media intern,

I am excited to see what you do with the accounts! Here are some pieces of advice that might help:

  • Make a Calendar for Yourself: Color coordinate twitter/Instagram posts to stay on track
  • Use Canva: Canva is an easy template designing source I used to make all of the Instagram posts. Use this free service to your advantage!
  • Get Inspiration: Follow as many College Department pages as you can and get inspiration from them. Study how they use color schemes and templates to their advantage.


Congratulations graduates!


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