COVID-19 Complications

Gina Mastrangelo

Like everyone else, I’ve spent the past month adjusting to online learning, one of the many changes the coronavirus has caused. When I signed up for my internship this semester, I certainly did not expect a global pandemic to result in its cancellation. As some of you may know, I interned as the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator for Duquesne’s annual Summer Creative Writing Camp. I was happy to see that so many students were interested in the camp, as it’s nice to see young high schoolers passionate about storytelling and creative writing. I’m saddened that the event will not be held this year, but I am happy for the experience I gained during my short time on the job.

This time is especially challenging as a college senior and, although I didn’t expect to spend my last semester at Duquesne inside of my home, I have been trying to see the positives in an otherwise horrible situation. This quarantine has given me time to prepare for my future after college, something my busy scheduled prevented me from thinking too much about beforehand. With more time on my hands, I’ve begun to consider all of my options for life after I complete my undergraduate degree. Although the thought of graduating right now is undoubtedly daunting, specifically because we don’t know what the repercussions of the pandemic will be, I am excited to see what the future holds for me.

Despite its abrupt conclusion, I am so thankful for what my past three years at Duquesne have brought to me. My time in college has changed my life and completely transformed who I am as a student. I am so grateful to have been able to learn so much not only in my classes, but about who I am as a person, during my time in college. Although I may have missed out on the end of my senior year, I will never lose the memories I made at Duquesne, and I’m happy to have had such an unforgettable college experience.


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