Make Today that Someday

Author: Emily Francesca DeGenova, Senior HMS

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here, the “I’ll get to it later” moment. Being quarantined for over a month now has left us with an endless amount of time to get the things done in your life you constantly convince yourself you don’t have time for. Take this time to focus on those neglected tasks to stay motivated, positive, and productive. Here are a list of the things I have been doing during this Coronacation, and I hope you find them helpful as well.

  • Start a morning routine.
    • Turn on some peppy, happy music, swap out your pjs for some cozy sweats, and make yourself a killer breakfast to feel ready to tackle yet another productive day at home!
  • Eat Right!
    • Do some research and find out what foods work best for your lifestyle, and dive into learning some new recipes (or maybe even ask your mom to teach you how to make that favorite dish of hers!)
  • Clean out your belongings.
    • Personally, I watched the Netflix original series Tidying up with Marie Kondo and followed her simple tactic of only keeping belongings that bring a sense of Joy into your life. Not only did this help me to declutter, but it also brought me a sense of appreciation for everything I own. 
  • Renovate your house.
    • Pick up a paint brush, knock down that wall, or move around your furniture/décor pieces to give your space new life.
  • Start a garden!
    • Skip gearing up with masks and gloves to head out to the grocery store, and grow some fresh veggies right in your backyard!
  • Build a personal website.
    • This is such a great way to add a sense of fulfillment to your daily routine. I built myself an e-Portfolio and it is honestly such a self-esteem booster realizing how much productive work I have completed thus far in my educational and professional career.
  • Workout outside!
    • Get some vitamin D and go for a run or walk your dog around the neighborhood!
  • Start a nightly routine.
    • I cannot stress this enough how important it is to get your mind, body, and soul ready for bed
      • Mind:
        • Write down things you want to do tomorrow so you don’t overthink about them at night!
        • Text your friends goodnight and tell your parents sweet dreams, so you have no distractions as you prepare for bed. 
        • Read a chapter of your favorite book.
      • Body:
        • Drink some tea with chamomile!
        • Stretch before bed to relax your body.
      • Soul:
        • Turn on an oil diffuser with lavender and pray or meditate.

I hope these ideas spark some motivation to stay positive and productive during this time – because today is better than someday.


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