Looking on the Bright Side

Happy Earth Day! 

This morning, I got up early and designed of one of my favorite Quark infographics that I have put out so far, “How to Celebrate Earth Day in Quarantine.” I plan to do most (if not all) of these things today, but I wanted to write my final blog post on how designing graphics has been a pivotal part of transitioning my life onto an online platform.

Using Canva and other digital design platforms has given me something to do that has required a lot of creative thinking and outreach on my part. The last few designs I have made for The Quark have been low-pressure, allowing me to be as creative as I want and taking risks with colors, graphics, and overall design.

I have even gotten to use these skills for one of my English classes (Dr. Wright, if you’re reading this, thank you for the great assignment!). This is the first design I have made using a traditional infographic format, and I am so happy with how it turned out. I am already thinking about how I am going to use infographics next semester when I repeat this internship.

One of the more exciting things that has happened to me over the Quarantine was being elected the new Social Media Chairperson for my Mock Trial team. I have had a vision of what I wanted our Instagram to look like for a while, and now I can finally bring that vision to life with spotlight posts. I even made a bingo sheet which has been fun to watch my teammates fill out.

As I have stated in my past couple of blog posts, keeping up with my responsibilities during Quarantine has not been easy, however, challenging a lot of it into beautiful designs that I can share with others makes it much more enjoyable.


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