The Different Facets of Writing

Gina Mastrangelo

Thus far in my internship, I’ve communicated a lot with parents and students potentially interested in enrolling in the Creative Writing Summer Camp. As a result, I’m beginning to learn more about the many differences in writing and how writing changes across platforms. In my academic career, I’ve focused mostly on essay writing and creative writing, never really delving into the idea of professional writing. When starting my first internship ever, I quickly realized I never learned how to write a professional business email. While it seems like it should be simple, and perhaps even be second nature to many of us, there’s more to think about than initially seems. This too applies to resume and cover letter writing, both of which I still struggle with as a senior in college. Considering I graduate in only two months, I’m now on the hunt for a full-time, post-graduate job. I wondered why I’d been putting off my job search for so long, but I started to realize that it’s partly because of my inexperience in professional writing. I found it easy to confuse all of the different styles of writing I’ve learned so far in college, and I realized I’ve had to start teaching myself the differences.

Searching for a job for after graduation can be stressful, especially considering all of the other graduating seniors doing the same. I used to believe that one cover letter and resume are acceptable to use for every job but, since progressing through college, I know now this is not the case. Employers like to read applications that are targeted specifically to them, so continuing to write new cover letters and even alter resumes helps employers understand that you’re specifically interested in the position they’re offering. As a result, cover letters and resumes are written differently than creative writing pieces or academic essays. It’s easy to believe that once we learn one kind of writing, we’re capable of all of them, but that’s not the case. Professional writing focuses on shorter, concise information while essay writing usually encourages lengthy, well-researched pieces. It initially feels awkward or troubling to make the switch from complex sentences to shorter ones, but it ultimately works best in terms of professional writing. As I continue to search for a job over the next few months, I aim to coalesce all of the varied writing skills I’ve learned during my time in college to eventually secure a position where I can display them all.


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