Workshopping My Way Through

Claire Neiberg

Happy midterms week! I cannot believe this point in the semester has snuck up on us so quickly. For this week’s prompt, I am following one of the pre-written ones on the syllabus because of how much I feel it reflects my work and thought process at this point in the semester: “How are you using material you learned in x course to complete tasks assigned to you in your internship?”

The course I am currently taking that is reflecting the most in my internship is Poetry Workshop I. When I signed up for this class, there was something slightly terrifying, yet at the same time something wonderful about the concept of workshopping. I have always had reservations about sharing my work, even though it is something all writers do at one point or another.

I had not taken many collegiate-level English courses let alone a workshop course filled with many talented writers all focused on achieving the same goal: To become a better poet (and general writer). Also, the way we as readers receive poetry is incredibly subjective which makes sharing work all the more terrifying. 

Through workshopping, I have had to learn how to share intimate pieces of writing knowing that my class of 16 has free-range to rebuttal whatever comments and criticism they may have. Because of this style of class, I have been much more comfortable with the idea of sharing my writing through these blog posts, and it has inspired me to take even greater risks while writing for an audience. 

My greatest take away from this class is that my writing is not just for me. It has been a goal of mine to be able to share my writing and connect with a larger audience. This is not always easy, as my writing is personal, thoughtful, and not something I want other people commenting and speculating into. However, sharing writing is critical to becoming a better writer and thinker. 

Words inspire, and Poetry Workshop I has helped me see the importance of sharing my writing with a larger platform and writing with the purpose to inspire.


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