International Women’s Day

Claire Neiberg

March 8th is International Women’s Day.

With this special day only being a few weeks away. I wanted to produce a project this month that would honor women in STEM; a particularly male dominated field. 

One of my favorite aspects of being on The Quark is getting to work with amazing, passionate women; two of these people being Dr. K. (our advisor) and Meredith (our Editor-in-Chief). I have also interviewed many female students and am always in complete awe of the intricate and impactful work they are doing on campus. 

When promoting a holiday like International Women’s Day, I believe it is important to not discredit the work men do, however, women have faced oppression for centuries, especially in the STEM field (take Rosalind Franklin for example).

Women hold less than fifty percent of science and engineering jobs in the United States, and while we as a country are making significant progress promoting women in STEM, there is a lot more we could do to pay tribute to these women

I also fully admit that I am not the most educated person to speak on this topic because I have not seriously considered into going into the STEM field and will never face the controversies that I know some of these women will. However, I do see it as part of my responsibility to honor women in STEM through my work on The D.U. Quark.

After being in cohorts with Meredith, I am running a contest for my first big project of the semester. As the Promotions Manager, I believe contests are a really great way to spark student involvement, but this one is especially important because it is for International Women’s Day. Both of us had the goal to bring attention to this day, as it goes along with one of our other projects (The Big Read). 

Draft of promotional poster I designed

Over the next week or so, I am planning to work on this contest in more detail alongside Meredith, but overall, this is an exciting start to this internship!


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