A Scientific Discovery!

Although writing can be the most powerful tool for means of expression, I have always struggled with trying to find my voice as writer. As much as I enjoy literature and reading novels, I struggled with cultivating my own text. When I decided I wanted to pursue a career in science I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to take as many English writing courses. To my dismay, Duquesne implements UCOR writing classes that serve as prerequisites regardless of your major. I learned quickly that it would be inevitable that I write monstrous 10-page papers on certain subjects for final projects. Now as a senior, I have had the pleasure of doing this not only once but 3 times. The pivotal point in which my perspective of writing changed was when I took Scientific Writing with Dr. Klucevsek. That class changed my entire outlook on contextual writing as a scientist. I established a sense of appreciation for the research I conducted in that class to write my most proud piece of writing. I wrote a paper on the topic of epigenetics. Epigenetics, the study of gene expression rather than genetic coding, was a topic I learned about in Environmental Chemistry. I learned how the environment can alter how your genes can be expressed and ultimately change the mechanistic function of your genes. I was so proud of this written piece that I wanted to get it published in the DUQuark shortly after our final project was due. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete this task but I plan on finishing where I left off.

Dr. Klucevsek’s writing class triggered my ability to want to write more in the area of science. My perspective of writing in general changed, I actively took initiative to continue to make more articles pertaining to science. In retrospect, the UCOR classes undoubtedly prepared me for more advanced writing. The lab reports that I have completed through my courses has also prepared me to write more technical. These aspects of writing brought me here, to this scientific communications internship. This opportunity through the English department will allow me to continue to build on the areas in which I struggle. As a biochemistry major, I look forward to doing more research through this internship. I plan on expanding my reach into the area of public health. Currently, I am in Intro to Public Health to complete the rest of my credits for my public health minor. I know hot topics concerning public health will be infused in some of the text I plan on producing. All in all, my appreciation for writing has blossomed into an abundance of will power to produce more pieces that hold substance. I will continue to strive to create scientific works that make me proud. Through this internship I plan on my final project being something that speaks to my vocation and my new found passion for scientific writing.        


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