Riley Williams 

How is it already December? Though it feels like the semester just started, my sleep schedule and planner pages remind me that it is in fact December, I am busy, and I am so tired. It can be difficult to find time to reflect on our lives and academics when school and work keep us so incredibly busy. I seem to get stuck in a cycle that consists of finishing up my latest project or assignment and planning to start the next one, with little to no time to actually consider what I’ve learned this semester. It can feel robotic at times; receive a task, finish the task, and move on to the next one.

Writing these blog posts have allowed me to take some time to myself and think about my latest writing-related struggles and how I am learning to overcome these. My latest difficulty has been regret: Did I accomplish as much as I wanted to this semester? I started off the semester with a great deal of motivation and ambition. I planned on writing three pieces and revising a scientific review and submitting these to the D.U. Quark. However, I am finishing the semester one project short and do not know if I will finish revising my review. 

Falling short of our goals can be pretty disheartening. I felt a sense of imposter syndrome as I realized I was unable to finish all the pieces I had planned. However, when dealing with this feeling of defeat, it is important to consider the other commitments I was responsible for this semester. 18 credits can be pretty time consuming, despite popular belief (*sarcasm!*). Of course, I knew I would be busy, but I was eager to practice writing. 

As I reflect on this semester, I realize that the most important lesson I learned was self-acceptance. Though I anticipated writing more for the D.U. Quark, I still managed to write 2 pieces that I am extremely proud of. As long as finals go as planned, I should finish the semester with the highest GPA I have ever received while in college. Next semester I hope to put aside more time for writing pieces I will enjoy. Sure, I wrote dozens of papers this semester for other classes, but I was unable to write pieces I chose personally. Even though I did not reach my goal, I can leave this semester knowing I learned a few things about myself and my writing abilities, while also taking difficult courses, working, and conducting research. 


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