Thoughts on my Gumberg Library Internship

Author: Victoria Wilson, Gumberg Internship Fall 2019

 Since I spend the majority of my summers in libraries, I thought I knew a great deal of what goes on behind the scenes. Turns out I only knew a small portion. Working with Mr.Bergfelt opened my eyes to the many different facets of the library and I enjoyed every part. 

As I have spoken about previously, I am no stranger to research since it is imperative to the English major.  The amounts of research done for each library guide can be enormous and time consuming. The process that I once dreaded doing has become exciting and something similar to a treasure hunt. Creating library guides, which some may find boring or mindless, actually requires a great amount of concentration. For the six hours a week, I could turn off my brain from the hundreds of deadlines I had due and just focus on one thing. I will definitely miss those hours as I head into my last semester in the undergraduate level. I once thought that event coordinators in the library were very separate from the librarians who focused on research. It turns out this is not the case at all. Often times Mr. Bergfelt would return from meetings talking excitedly about the events the library is holding and the library guides we were going to create to alongside them. I helped create The St. John’s Bible guide which goes along with an event that the library is holding until December 20th 2019 and the Enigma—Decipher Victory which goes along with an event the library will be holding in March 2020. 

 At the end of my internship, I have completed or aided in the completion of seven library guides. This number does not include the many guides I made small edits and changes on. To my pleasant surprise this number is higher than any other intern in recent years. Follow this link to access all of these guides:

I cannot express how pleased I am with my experience as an intern in the Gumberg Library. I am excited to see where the knowledge I have gained from my internship will take me. 


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