Farewell to ACH

-Darren Studnicki, English/Secondary English Education

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been tutoring at ACH Clear Pathways, an afterschool program located in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. My internship is sadly coming to an end; however, I’m extremely happy and fortunate to have been given this opportunity! I’ve met many wonderful people that have challenged and expanded my views on education over the course of the semester. Prior to tutoring at ACH, I had only worked with young adults at a summer youth program, where I did not have the opportunity to work on strengthening their academic knowledge. At ACH, I have worked with students both individually as well as in groups of up to 12. I really enjoyed my individual tutoring sessions with “Q”, who I have been working with for the past two or so months. There has been a steady growth in his literacy during this time, which reiterated to me the importance of education for each and every student. Since I am majoring in education, I believe that this is crucial, as I don’t think that any student should be left behind. As a potential future teacher, I will do everything that I can to make sure that every student gets the help they need in order to advance their literacy.

While I got to help students out with their academics, I also had the opportunity to work with them on different forms of artistic expression. Students created artwork in many different mediums, which included origami, comic books, and t-shirt designs. Recently, they have also worked on other artistic endeavors outside of their artwork, such as dancing and learning how to play the drums.

Mr. Deandre and I had the opportunity to practice drumming with the students. Check it out!:

I’m looking forward to seeing the boys show off their hard work over the semester at the showcase this Thursday, 12/12! 

To wrap everything up, thanks again to Ms. Ty, Ms. Danai, Mr. Duffy, Ms. Tacara, Mr. Deandre, Mr. Will, Mr. Javon, and everyone else that I worked with over the course of the semester!


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