Passing on @duqenglish to Next Semester

Kiah Lynch, social media intern

I’m finding it hard to believe that this semester and this internship are coming to a close. I truly enjoyed running the department’s social media and will be sad to hand over the reins, or more accurately the usernames and passwords, to the next intern in the spring. I feel particularly attached to the Instagram account. I’m proud of the account and the 73 followers it gained over the semester. I know the posts increased engagement with the department because I watched each time someone new followed the account, liked a post, or responded to a poll or quiz on a story. It really matters to me that people see what the department has to share, and the Instagram is helping us reach more students. Six classes submitted selfies to our class selfie contest and the winning post (with 216 likes) enjoyed pizza in class this past week. I know the account will continue to expand from here with more followers and more contest participants. I’m excited to watch it grow and improve from the other side.

I think my favorite social media project of the semester was featuring student athletes from the department who are on the 2018-19 Atlantic 10 Commissioner’s Honor Roll. I didn’t know what kind of responses I would get when I emailed the students and was a little worried they would see it on a nuisance. I was so excited when the first student appeared in my inbox. All of the students were extremely appreciative to the department for recognizing their accomplishments. I enjoyed reading their responses about how being an English major connects to being an athlete and their favorite English classes at Duquesne. I’m so glad I was able to facilitate the department’s recognition of these amazing students through social media.

I guess to wrap this up I’ll say follow @duqenglish on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and see all the great students, professors, classes, events, and opportunities available in Duquesne’s English department! I’ll miss running the accounts, but I can’t wait to see what else they are able to accomplish.


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