Concluding Thoughts About Interning at Downtown Greensburg Project

Author: Leah Seibel, FA 2019 The Downtown Greensburg Project Intern

Although this fall semester has been me reflecting on the internship I had this past summer, I feel as if I have learned how important the arts are to not only cities but smaller communities as Greensburg.

When I began my internship last May, it was an interesting situation with the other interns. They were all going to school at either Seton Hill or neighboring universities in the area. I was the only intern that had experience going to school in a city. With this additive, I felt that I had something else to bring to the table and knowledge of the progressiveness happening in the city of Pittsburgh. As the internship pushed forward through the summer, I witnessed some pretty cool things be implemented into the community of Greensburg. I also had the opportunity to write blog posts about the historical side of the town and complete research. All of the work was completed either from home or the hub of downtown Greensburg’s coffee social scene, The White Rabbit Cafe. As I explained in my earlier blog post, I initially discussed putting on a poetry reading at this cafe to heighten the attention towards the area. But the location respectfully declined as their location was explained to be too small for an event like mine. As disappointed as this was, Dr. Wright suggested that I push back a little.

My thoughts began to come together as Dr. Wright and I discussed the opportunity to educate. It was important for me to put out my voice as an English major and an advocate for the arts. We came to the conclusion that composing a letter to The White Rabbit to vocalize the importance of an event such as mine. But not only my event, others to come as well. My entire internship was based on presenting the Greensburg community with opportunities to further expand the area’s modernization.

By the end of this semester, I have learned how important skills and information about one’s self is on paper. Experience and the way someone presents themselves in a professional manner has also been prevalent in the course. Most of all, I learned that it is so important to discuss and bring to surface what you’re passionate about.


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