My Scientific Semester with an Artistic Agenda

Emma Shirey

Looking back on this semester, I am so grateful for my opportunities through this internship. I wrote many articles for the DU Quark, made friends in the Quark meeting space, learned so much along the way. I have learned a lot about science, art, writing, business, and myself!

For the last few weeks, my internship focus has shifted over to my final project. My final project is an interdisciplinary research project in which I design a mock-up exhibit about art and science. As a part of this project, I am researching museum studies, environmental psychology, and design. With the information I gather, I am rendering SketchUp images of the exhibit itself. I would like this final project to exist as an ‘exhibit in a box’ (as I’ve playfully called it). Hypothetically, if you took my final project, there should be enough information to replicate my exhibit in the real world. This will include the images, diagrams, etc. that would be found in the exhibit as well as the research behind the design. As the final touch, I will include a report of my findings and how they affected my final design.

While this is a super intensive project, I am sure that it will help me in my future portfolio/resumes as I apply to grad schools in Interior Architecture. This internship has allowed me to explore all possibilities. Thank you to everyone who pushed me to dig deeper and work harder towards my internship goals. What a wonderful semester.


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