Group and Individual Instruction

-Darren Studnicki, English/Secondary English Education

Over the past few weeks at my internship with ACH Clear Pathways, I’ve shifted my tutoring during the Dream boys’ allotted time to work on their homework assignments. I’ve went from group tutoring–where I would go around to each student and help them with their assigned work–to individual tutoring, where I work directly with one student for the entire duration of the homework time. This change has already taught me many things about how to adapt my teaching style for the audience to whom I am teaching. For instance, during the individual tutoring sessions, I’ve noticed that I have much more time to go in-depth with the student that I am tutoring. Though I have more time to customize my instruction and form deeper bonds during the individual instruction, I sacrifice the ability to help the entire group with this adjustment. If I were in a real classroom setting, I would need to effectively manage this modification, as I’ve learned in my educational courses this semester that time is a huge factor in the development of any educator’s lesson. As a result, I will have to take into account the size of the group that I am instructing when I become a teacher and allocate my time depending on the number of students that need my help.

Additionally, during the allotted time that they have for their art projects, the Dream boys have been working on painting projects that incorporate the “Air Jordan” shoe design. Pictures of this activity will be coming this week when they complete their work!


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